Better Customer | Sales | Team Engagement. 10x Productivity.

Better Customer 
Engagement. 10x Productivity.

Powerful Conversation-based Customer Engagement Platform designed for Productive Teams


Trusted by Corporates and SMEs across multiple region

Customer Engagement Platform with the power of Conversation and Collaboration

Pasima streamlines end-to-end customer interactions, ensuring a smooth experience for all


Inquiries and Interaction

Ditch the inbox, embrace conversation! Pasima gathers inquiries from all channels, letting you connect with customers directly through the simplest method - talking.


Collaboration and Coordination

Say goodbye to silos! Pasima bridges the gap between teams, departments, and everyone involved in customer engagement. This fosters a collaborative approach.


Performance Monitoring

Stop guessing, start measuring! Pasima provides clear, dynamic metrics that showcase your customer engagement performance.


Streamline customer channel into a single shared-inbox

Pasima puts all your customer interactions in one intuitive dashboard. Manage emails, chats, social media messages, and more - all from a single, powerful interface. Covering:

    Messaging Platforms

    Social Media*


    Live Chat*


Power Up your conversations with advanced communication features

Pasima facilitates seamless customer engagement with direct communication and real-time interaction. This means happier customers and faster resolutions for you



    Rich Media

    Advanced; Scheduling, Catalog etc


Elevate internal collaboration effortlessly and with precision

Pasima keeps your team in sync with effortless collaboration tools. Seamlessly coordinate activities, tasks, and objectives for a unified approach to customer engagement.

    Lead Routing & Assignment

    Internal Notes

    Internal Chat

    Task Conversation

Simply wrapped up in a powerful CRM capabilities

Pasima delivers robust CRM functionality in a surprisingly easy-to-use platform. Experience the difference a powerful CRM can make, without the learning curve.


Lead / Pipeline Management

Effortlessly oversee and monitor pipeline progression while seamlessly tracking your activities in motion

Product / Catalog Management

Easily incorporate, customize, and integrate your product catalog into the customer engagement feature set

Monitoring / Reporting

Effortlessly track performance metrics with comprehensive and detailed reporting capabilities

Powerful Engagement Tool for Multiple Productive Uses



Efficiently oversee and track leads, conversations, pipeline progression, and sales advancements, while seamlessly collaborating with internal team members to facilitate deal closures, all within one platform


Customer Support

Effortlessly handle customer inquiries, engage in meaningful conversations, involve relevant team members, and collaborate effectively through our conversation-driven task management system

Elevate your Customer Engagement game today


#1 Conversation-based Customer Engagement Platform

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